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Posts from ‘July, 2009’

What Mrs. Dewey Did With the New Jell-O: I Quiver in Fear

cool melon salad
What Mrs. Dewey Did With the New Jell-O is a pamphlet from 1933. It’s quite the marvel. It starts with a hilarious little story about Mrs. Dewey discovering the new Jell-O packages in her grocery delivery, and becoming positively giddy about the possibilities of desserts, salads and loaves. Apparently the big new change [...]

500 Tasty Sandwich Recipes: Have Some Sandwich With Your Mayonnaise

chicken and bacon salad, salmon and cucumber, beef
500 Tasty Sandwich Recipes is one of a series of 1940s booklets offering hundreds of recipes for a particular item: salads, sandwiches, and dairy-based dishes have made it into my collection. While writing Recipes of the Damned entries I found hilarious possibilities: molded salads arranged to look like [...]

Metropolitan Cook Book: Helpful Recipes From a Life Insurance Company

potato salad
Metropolitan Cook Book is my second Recipes of the Damned effort in this project, and while the small booklet has a lot more recipes than Tempting Low-Cost Meals for 2 or 4 or 6, I found it just as challenging when it came to finding recipes I was actually willing to cook. While I [...]

Martha Stewart’s Cooking School: Overcoming My Fear of Frying

fried chicken
Martha Stewart’s Cooking School is one of my big, thick comprehensives. It’s organized by kind of food and technique; for example, the chapter on stocks and soups is divided into types such as white stock, brown stock, dashi and consomme; the chapter on meat, fish and poultry treats roasting, grilling, braising, steaming, and frying [...]

Super Smoothies: Break Out the Blender

minty fresh
I don’t know why I have the books Smoothies and Super Smoothies, but I do. I might have picked them up at Powell’s, or gotten them through the cookbook club. They’re slim paperback volumes, each containing 50 recipes for drinkable fruity concoctions. Which means, yes, I have 100 recipes for smoothies in my possession. [...]

Tempting Low-Cost Meals for 2 or 4 or 6: My First Real Challenge

glazed orange muffins
This is the first of the Recipes of the Damned cookbooks that I’ve used for this project. I have two more slated for the month, What Mrs. Dewey Did With the New Jell-O and Metropolitan Life Cook Book, and I expected the Jell-O book to be my first serious challenge. I am not [...]

The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest: Berry Nice

agar berry jam
The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest is loaded with recipes for canning, freezing, drying, pickling and other means of preserving fresh produce. You might think this is part of the recent resurgence of home preserving that’s come in the wake of the locavore and real food movement, but I’ve owned this book [...]

Preview post

I got back to town early Saturday, though later than scheduled. (I took a red-eye with connection; the second leg left Salt Lake City late and then had to divert to Minneapolis for a medical emergency–fingers crossed that the passenger came out OK, since I have no way of knowing.) I’ve been in real-life catch-up [...]

Brief hiatus–back early next week

I’m afraid I have to travel for business for about a week, and will not be able to cook–thus, no progress on the project. It’s very possible I won’t even have time to make a meta-post. But watch this space: I should be back in action after Saturday.

Desserts, Martha Stewart: Simple but Elegant

summer fruit tart

Let me make this clear. I love Martha Stewart. I’ve loved her for years, even before the insider trading scandal and her prison term; I love her now that she’s softened her edges a bit as a result of her time in prison. I understand why people make fun of her. The magazine [...]