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Posts from ‘October, 2009’

We have stove; cookbook recipe posts to come soon

Last Wednesday the electrician finished installing the new electrical outlet and tested that our new stove works. I was not there to see it; I was in Dallas for the American Medical Writers Association annual conference. But Scott assured me that the stove was in place and working, and when I got home Sunday evening [...]

The stove situation grinds on

We’re still waiting for an electrician to resolve the stove situation, but are optimistic it will be done this week (fingers crossed, knock wood, random superstitious aversions of ill luck). However, this week will be one of my busiest of the year, including some travel, so I will not likely be posting a cooking update [...]

Latest stove update

So after various perfectly understandable delays, our new electric stove arrived today. It’s a beauty: A flat ceramic top, and all shiny and clean and new. Unfortunately, we need an electrician to hook it up, and possibly a correct outlet installed (I think it’s a matter of 220 vs 110, but this is so far [...]

Update on the stove situation

Thursday and yesterday poor husband had to stick around the house while the plumbers sought and repaired leaks in the internal gas lines. But though they fixed three (!!!) they were unable to find one last one without having to tear out walls. Since the lines to the water heater and furnace were fine, the [...]

Brief intermission

Astute observers may have noticed that I haven’t done all the September recipes yet. I ran short of time and organizational skills, and so am planning to finish them up during October. This is not as foolish as it may sound; the October list is very short, because I knew already in June that October [...]