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Posts from ‘September, 2010’

Special Dork Tower Recipe Entry: Igor Bars

Igor Bars
Dork Tower is a wonderful comic strip by John Kovalic. Its characters make their way through the world with the help of gaming, geekdom, puns, and one another. One of the central characters is Igor, whose role in the strip is to represent reckless abandon. To Igor, anything worth doing is worth overdoing. He’s [...]

Real Vegetarian Thai: Spicy Goodness

mussaman curry paste, mussaman curry with seitan, rice noodles with broccoli, cucumber salad, coconut ice cream
I love Thai food, but I’ve always assumed that it’s difficult to make: so many unusual ingredients, plus the effort of making your own curry paste. I’ve had Real Vegetarian Thai sitting on my shelves for years, and it looks [...]

Sorry for the delay; new post later this week

I’m a bit behind with things; I made great Thai food last week but haven’t had the chance to write it up yet. We’ve had a chaotic time here behind the scenes and I will not be back in the cooking and writing groove for a few days more. Sorry for the lapse.