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The Cutco Cookbook, Meat and Poultry Cookery: Comfort Food

beef stew
I made this recipe a few weeks ago, but have been too distracted by other things to get the post written and published. Nothing big, you understand, nothing dramatic. Just the effluvia of holidays and working and trying (and failing) to catch up with the million other things I have going on.
I had a [...]

Sun-Dried Tomatoes: Rich and Delicious

seared sirloin srips with dried tomatoes and mushrooms
Sun-Dried Tomatoes is a cute little cookbook that we received for our wedding in 1995, which makes it a candidate for the longest-unused cookbook of the collection. I think sun-dried tomatoes were trendier back then, but trend or no trend, they are a delight. Drying captures the intensity [...]

500 Tasty Sandwich Recipes: Have Some Sandwich With Your Mayonnaise

chicken and bacon salad, salmon and cucumber, beef
500 Tasty Sandwich Recipes is one of a series of 1940s booklets offering hundreds of recipes for a particular item: salads, sandwiches, and dairy-based dishes have made it into my collection. While writing Recipes of the Damned entries I found hilarious possibilities: molded salads arranged to look like [...]