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Christmas dinner: chicken, candles and company

roast chicken with herb butter

For Christmas we had a friend come over, and I wanted to make a meal that would be nice but not overly demanding. I settled on roast chicken, along with roasted potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts (our friend brought some cold appetizers plus truffles for dessert and some vodka), and leafed [...]

Chickpeas and Cheap Cookery

golden “chicken” patties

My plan is to set up a twice-a-week blogging schedule: A post early in the week about something I cook over the weekend, and a post later in the week about either a cooking experience or a food-related subject, such as things in the news or weird products I come across. (Rejoice: There [...]

Metropolitan Cook Book: Helpful Recipes From a Life Insurance Company

potato salad
Metropolitan Cook Book is my second Recipes of the Damned effort in this project, and while the small booklet has a lot more recipes than Tempting Low-Cost Meals for 2 or 4 or 6, I found it just as challenging when it came to finding recipes I was actually willing to cook. While I [...]

The Well-Read Cook’s Book: Still more party food

roasted potatoes with parsley pesto

The Well-Read Cook’s Book was a gift from my friend Sally a few years ago. I forget just when. I am fairly sure it came in a box with other gifts, and that remembering just when it arrived will not give me much idea of which birthday it was meant to [...]