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In the midst of a lull

I know I’m not very regular in my postings of late, but the past few weeks I’ve been even more ridiculously distracted than usual. I’ve been cooking somewhat; I’ve had a few parties at which I made soup, rolls and other goodies. My soups are usually improvised, though I did make a Moosewood minestrone for one gathering. The olive rolls are also old standards by now. I haven’t been very inspired to try new recipes, or to photograph what I have been doing.

Some of that is a function of winter. It’s so dark, and that’s not ideal for photography, though it’s not as if I’ve ever let that stop me before. Some is just…I don’t know, a general feeling of juggling too many things.

But I’m starting to feel stirrings of enthusiasm and curiosity again. So maybe next week I’ll be able to put something together, right before I embark on some business travel.

What do you do when you fall into a rut?

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