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A Blog Near-Death Experience

No recipe this time. I had a scary day and half or so; it began yesterday afternoon when I tried to upgrade my version of WordPress. Between inherent tech issues and mistaken choices on my part things went rapidly downhill, and for a while I was afraid I had well and truly killed the blog for good. With some persistence, some patience, and the help of a technician named Manuel at my Web hoster, I was able to bring 107 Cookbooks back from the dead. I’ve learned a few things:

  • Even if the site suggests you should upgrade, it may not be a good idea to upgrade.
  • It is definitely not a good idea to upgrade if your Web hoster is not running a high enough version of SQL Server.
  • It would have been awfully nice if the upgrade instructions had ever presented this as a possible issue before I installed the upgrade and began getting error messages.
  • When you’re annoyed about somebody else’s unclear instructions and then you make a really bad mistake of your own, it takes all the fun out of your righteous indignation.
  • Sometimes the correct next step is to walk away from the computer for 15 minutes and let the servers do their thing.
  • When you can envision a worst-case scenario that involves manually re-entering 11 months of posts as HTML, nearly any solution short of that will come as a relief.

Still catching up with the rest of my life, but I will be back in the kitchen before too much longer.

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