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Smoothies: Green Fruity Goodness

kiwi kiss

I used the follow-up volume, Super Smoothies, in July, and now am turning to Smoothies. I don’t know why I took them in reverse order — some last-minute juggling of cookbooks, no doubt. This slim volume offers 50 fresh and drinkable recipes, on pages that are mostly readable. A book designer got a little overenthusiastic with these two books; it is really not necessary for pages to feature bright background colors and for type to be pale and hard to discern.

Happily, the kiwi kiss fell within a series of pages that used black type. Kiwi kiss is simple: dice 1 3/4 cups of kiwi (about 3, peeled) and 1 cup of honeydew melon, and put it in a food processor with 1 1/2 cups of lime sherbet. Only I didn’t actually have lime sherbet, because I couldn’t find it at the neighborhood grocery store. I might have been able to find it if I’d trekked to the other stores in the area, but then again I might not have, and when it’s about 90 out I lack the patience for such investigative rambles. So I improvised: I used lemon Italian ice and added a squirt of lime juice.

The smoothie tasted great, and was pretty. The recipe advised using a food processor instead of a blender to minimize the chance of crushing the black seeds, which would impart a bitter taste to the drink. It must have worked: no bitterness here.

Verdict: Success. I’ll have to try some of the other recipes before the summer is out.


This time I only took one more picture than I ended up using in my blog post. But did you know I usually take a lot more photos when I prepare these recipes? You can see the whole set here on my Flickr page, and you can leave comments there as well if you like.

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