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We have stove; cookbook recipe posts to come soon

Last Wednesday the electrician finished installing the new electrical outlet and tested that our new stove works. I was not there to see it; I was in Dallas for the American Medical Writers Association annual conference. But Scott assured me that the stove was in place and working, and when I got home Sunday evening he had made me pizza.

I’m still catching up on all the other aspects of my life that had to take a backseat while I was preparing for AMWA and, the weekend before that, gadding about in Rhinebeck for the New York State Sheep & Wool Festival. So I have not yet tackled the backlog of cookbook recipes, which I believe stand at five books for October and four left over from September. I can’t guarantee that I can actually catch up on all of those in November, even with Thanksgiving as part of the game plan, but I can make up a fair bit of the difference. My aim is to get back on track over the weekend, to map out a plan and do at least one round of cooking. So thank you for your patience; regular programming should resume before too much longer.

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